After volunteering in Nakuru, Kenya for the last four years Sallyann, Neil and Paula decided to start a new energetic charity to support the children and their families in the same area they had worked previously.

Nakuru is the fourth largest town in Kenya and the area that we will be working in is extremely deprived.  It is a slum area that doesn’t have access to any basic amenities.  Education isn’t free in Kenya, so the work that they carry out ensures that many children have the chance to have a valuable education that otherwise they would not get.

Inspire Afrika aims to help children in Nakuru with a long-term commitment that one day will see us employ local people in sustainable projects, which in turn will provide funds to grow the school projects internally.

We are very proud to offer a volunteering experience in Nakuru, Kenya.  Working with children from the slum area, we aim to carry out a life changing experience for our volunteers while enriching the lives of the children by helping to provide a valuable education, shelter, food and clothing.

Why not join them on one of their upcoming visits?


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